Aviation SMS Training Courses

  • Aviation SMS Training Courses


  • There are two types of SMS training courses we can facilitate for your company:

    1. SMS Theory, Implementation and Best Practices; or
    2. SMS Pro Software Training Courses.

    The first type of SMS training is provided by our SMS Partners, who are highly regarded SMS professionals in the aviation industry.

    These SMS Partners may be:

    • Training companies;
    • Consultants; or
    • Larger consulting companies offering a full range of aviation consulting services that go beyond SMS.
  • SMS Pro Software Training Courses

    If you are an SMS Pro user, you may be interested in the different types of SMS Pro courses and their delivery. The different types of SMS software training include:

    1. On-demand video training library;
    2. SMS Pro Basic Administration;
    3. SMS Pro Advanced Administration; and
    4. Custom Designed SMS Software Training.

    On-Demand SMS Software Training Videos

    SMS Pro users have free access to all the SMS Pro software training videos. You can create your own SMS training courses using these tools. For example, you may want to create a risk management training course for Department Heads. Using SMS Pro's online video library, you can create your own SMS training courses to comply with regulatory compliance. These videos are exceptional and useful for both initial SMS training and recurrent SMS training.

    Custom Designed SMS Software Training

    You may be a power user, or your team needs special training that goes beyond the basics. For example, you may need SMS audit training or assistance with Bowtie tools.

    You can create an agenda you wish to target and we'll train your group on topics that satisfy your training needs. This custom training is beneficial to your company because you will gain advice and special consulting on your problem areas. If you need a combination of SMS Theory and Fundamentals with SMS Pro software training, let us know in advance and we'll design a course based on your requirements.

    SMS Software Training Courses for SMS Pro Products

    Most clients contacting us for SMS software training are existing SMS Pro customers or they are about to purchase the system. These aviation safety management system (SMS) products change over time. The SMS solutions are modified over time to adapt to market conditions.

    If you use an SMS Pro variant, or a system based on SMS Pro's initial functionality, we can assist.

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