Aviation SMS Database Customization

  • Aviation SMS Database Customization

    Do you already have an SMS database for hazard reporting and risk management?

    If so, you may not want to purchase another system, but simply modify your exising aviation SMS database to increase functionality to:

    • Comply with regulatory requirements; or
    • Integrate with other third party systems.
  • Many companies have legacy databases to manage aviation safety management system requirements from:

    • Major clients, such as oil companies;
    • FAA;
    • EASA;
    • Transport Canada;
    • CASA; or
    • Other civil aviation authorities.

    NWDS has a group of highly skilled software engineers who are also subject matter experts in aviation SMS databases. The advantages of using NWDS include:

    • Qualified software engineers with advanced college degrees;
    • Subject matter experts with over ten years experience developing SMS databases;
    • No need to hire long term employees; and
    • Professional support on an as-needed basis should future changes be required.

    You may already know that one of the most popular commercial aviation SMS databases is SMS Pro. You can use our developers skills to include best-in-class risk management features into your company's SMS database.

  • Need an Aviation SMS Database at Your Location?

    We have several options that may help you achieve your SMS goals and objectives. For example, we can provide an existing SMS database source code and install it onto your servers. Any customizations would be performed at an hourly rate.

    In short, you have three options. We can either:

    1. Create a new system from scratch to your specifications;
    2. Modify your existing system to meet your needs; or
    3. Start with our existing SMS database and modify to suit your needs.
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