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  • NorthWest Data Solutions (NWDS) has over ten years extensive experience designing and developing aviation SMS database programs.

    We have developed unrivaled practical aviation SMS experience and now offer aviation service providers this expertise.

    Our subject matter experts are available to help you with:

    • SMS Requirements
    • SMS Database Design
    • Customized SMS Database Development
    • SMS Implementation

    NWDS' experience goes way beyond theory. We've worked with hundreds of aviation service providers around the world to implement their SMS programs. Most of our experience comes from designing and developing an aviation SMS database product called SMS Pro.

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  • Due to SMS Pro's global usage, we have worked with civil aviation authority (CAA) regulators from many regions. Furthermore, we can help integrate your existing aviation SMS database program into third party databases, such as:

    • FAA's ASIAS Program; and
    • NASA's ASRS.

    We provide technical consulting and project management services relating to large airline and airport SMS implementation planning, SMS training, and custom safety database integration support, either on a project basis or as part of on-call consulting services.

    Contact us today for a no-obligation consulting session to determine how we can help you achieve your business objectives regarding SMS requirements.



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