Aviation SMS Training Needs Analysis

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    Each company is different.

  • Each company has a unique safety culture, such as:

    • Non-existent;
    • We care about safety only if somebody is watching; or
    • Safety is embraced across the entire organization.

    In addition to safety culture, not every aviation service provider has a mature safety management system (SMS). You may be at Phase 1, while other operators may already be at Phase 3 or Phase 4.

    Your SMS training needs will be dependent on your safety culture and your SMS implementation phase. When you begin to consider SMS training for employees or managers, we suggest that you define your objectives. Are you seeking to:

    • Improve employee safety knowledge;
    • Hazard identification skills;
    • Modify employee attitudes toward safety; or
    • Educate managers to ensure they understand regulatory requirements?

    Definining your ultimate SMS training goals and objectives will ensure you are finding the correct SMS training company to satisfy your needs.

  • Types of Aviation SMS Training

    In most cases, your SMS training needs will either be:

    • Introductory, remedial or advanced;
    • Geared towards line employees, management; or
    • Focused on safety or quality departments.

    Introductory courses commonly focus on:

    • SMS theory;
    • Regulatory requirements; and
    • Duties and responsibilities.

    Advanced courses may focus on:

    • Regulatory requirements;
    • SMS model regarding the four pillars;
    • SMS implementation guidelines;
    • Safety risk management;
    • Safety assurance; and
    • Best practices.

    How We Help Your SMS Training Needs?

    If you need help identifying your training needs, contact us for a free consultation. Once we understand your needs, we will offer alternatives that will fit your training budget and timeline.

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